My New Moon Rituals Tonight

Tonight is a new moon and I love how it represents fresh starts and new vibes🌙


Im up to all things new moon this evening and I wanted to hop on here and share for inspiration in case any of you want to create a feel good ritual of your own.


* remember you can’t do anything wrong and let your intuition guide you.


Here’s what I do👇🏽


1) tidy my living space and get out all my favourite crystals for cleansing and intention setting.


2) gratitude practice and recognition of the blessings I have already received.


3) self reflection and create intentions based on what I want to cultivate more of in my life.


4) Set Intention. Declare Intention out loud and journal (pen to paper for revisiting)


5) Some type of self care. I love a slow and sweet yoga practice follows by a crystal bath with candles, incense and salts.


6) closing the evening before bed with meditation and prayer.




Feel free to share your new moon rituals!! 
I’d love to hear. 



peace & love