My 7 favourite Intention Setting Steps

My top 7 Intention Setting Steps
1️⃣ Self reflection and evaluation.
You dont know what you want if you don’t take the time to scan your life. This is the step where you pick out your wants, goals, needs, strengths & weaknesses. This is not always comfortable to do, but that’s okay. If you just don’t know....still move on to the next step.
2️⃣Say it out loud.
I call this prayer but you may call it something else. This step is the most powerful one. Saying what you want ( or even if you don’t know what you want) is sending it up so that it can be heard.
Speaking to others about your intentions is also part of this.
Your words should be positive & said with faith and belief that you have already
received what you’ve asked for.
This is where you are preparing yourself for the abundance that is on its way. Your taking your mind through the steps and viewing the end result.
4️⃣Write it down.
Journaling is a great way to organize and plan the steps that will need to be taken in order to get you to where you want to go. It’s most important to have a solid plan and a hard copy to refer back to.
5️⃣Do the work.
This is where a lot of people fail at intention setting. They think that if they “want” something it will just happen. You have to do the work involved to make your intentions a reality.
6️⃣Revisit your intentions daily.
Going back to reevaluate and pray that your on track will help keep you focused and ensure your not doing things that will delay what your out to do!
7️⃣Remain Patient, Humble & Grateful.
As your prayers and intentions begin to manifest it important to stay in an accepting and grateful space. If things don’t pan out exactly as planned, keep the faith and know everything will unfold in Divine Timing.
Find peace and acceptance in that you are being taken care.