Which crystal do I choose?

This is one of my MOST FAQ
and it is pretty easy to answer.
GO WITH WHAT your drawn to. ⠀⠀

1) cause if you don’t like the crystal you won’t wear it. ⠀⠀
2) you may think your choosing the stone but it’s actually choosing you. Dont believe me? Look up the meaning and properties....
⠀⠀ See! told you so!
3) Still can’t decide? Go with a clear quartz. This master stone balances all the chakras and is an amplifier for any other stone you have. It’s a must have for any crystal junkie. ⠀⠀

4) Choosing your perfect stone or crystal pieces is a positive and exciting thing. It should not be hard or frustrating, if you are not feeling all the high vibes, the time and stones are not for you. Walk away and try again another day ✌🏽 HAPPY CRYSTAL PICKING YA’LL