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Which crystal do I choose?

This is one of my MOST FAQand it is pretty easy to answer. GO WITH WHAT your drawn to. ⠀⠀Why?⠀⠀1) cause if you don’t like the crystal you won’t wear it. ⠀⠀2) you may think your choosing the stone but it’s actually choosing you. Dont believe me? Look up the meaning and properties....⠀⠀ See! told you so!⠀⠀3) Still can’t decide? Go with a clear quartz. This master stone balances all the chakras and is an amplifier for any other stone you have. It’s a must have for any crystal junkie. ⠀⠀ 4) Choosing your perfect stone or crystal pieces is a positive and exciting thing. It should not be hard or frustrating, if you are not feeling all the high...

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